Wonder Woman June 2

In 5 days Wonder Woman comes out, and if you haven’t been paying attention that may come as a surprise to you. You see, there hasn’t been as much buzz about this female powered movie as some of the other superhero movies.

So, here’s the deal. Do you want stand alone female superhero movies? Do you like Wonder Woman? Do you enjoy female directors getting recognition? Do you like female led film? Do you like diverse superheroes? Do you want the film industry to change? If you said yes to any of those questions make it a priority to see this film. The only way they listen is with their pockets. If we make Wonder Woman the most seen superhero film we will get more! But if it flops… we will get nothing. And we will hear about the flop for years to come. June 2nd! See it!

Birchbox Review April 2017

This month’s box was slightly disappointing for me. I’m so used to quality items from my boxes that I was really let down by what I tried.
Number 4 Texturizing Spray: ⭐️

The spray left my hair strainer than it started as and heavy. It promised beach waves and I received none. It smells nice and left my hair shiny and sleek, so if I want my hair to look nice and straight I will use it. 

Schmidt’s Naturals: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The deodorant was lavender and smelled great. It lasted all day and worked way better than Toms deodorant in that sense. I had a problem with the texture, goopiness, and the residue left behind. Also, I’m not sure if my skin was irritated by the lavender or not.  I had some irritation after using the product.

The Beauty Crop, lipstick: ⭐️⭐️

Great color, great staying power… terrible application. It went on with no control and didn’t blend well on my lips. I’m not sure if it was user error or the formula but I’ve not had a problem with my other liquid lipstick. 

ToykyoMilk Dark: ⭐️

Personally was disgusted by the scent. It first gave off a babypowder smell and then a woodsy smell (which I didn’t mind) but in general did not mix with my personal scent taste.

Visanti: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Smells great, absorbs well… takes a lot to feel moisturized and no noticeable difference in skin texture. I liked it but would never buy it. 

Author? I wish…

I just want to spend my days sitting on a coast writing novels. Maybe, own  a small bookshop for extra money. How do people accomplish that life? Is that even possible anymore? The type of life I want sounds like a 70’s movie about the independent female. If I didn’t have to worry about money I would buy a cottage where I’d live with an old dog. We’d go walking along the beach everyday and I’d finally be able to breath deeply.

Instead, I wake up every day burnt out. I have to go to a job I hate and at the end of the day I feel no urge to write. If my days were free, I’d get up in the morning and exercise. Then I’d sit down with some coffee and write. There are so many ideas floating in my mind, so many hopes waiting to become books.

I keep thinking that if I get a low maintenance job I will have time to write around it. That’s a lie I often tell myself. It  doesn’t help that I’m terrible at grammar and I can’t spell. The worst part is that I never finish what I write.

I stare out windows dreaming of what I could be, instead of actually being it. I’m filled with dread that I’m wasting my life, but if I did what I wanted would that even make me happy? Would I just be anther disillusioned starving artist who eats dreams and regurgitates cliches? In my soul I know I’m more at home with words than in any other world, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at writing. Maybe, I’m trying too hard. I should just sit and let the story go, like I do when I blog. Instead I falter and stutter with keeping the momentum of my story going. I write pieces and expect them to fit like a jigsaw finished by a four year old. I can see why Hemingway offed himself. Except, people actually enjoyed what he wrote.