Author? I wish…

I just want to spend my days sitting on a coast writing novels. Maybe, own  a small bookshop for extra money. How do people accomplish that life? Is that even possible anymore? The type of life I want sounds like a 70’s movie about the independent female. If I didn’t have to worry about money I would buy a cottage where I’d live with an old dog. We’d go walking along the beach everyday and I’d finally be able to breath deeply.

Instead, I wake up every day burnt out. I have to go to a job I hate and at the end of the day I feel no urge to write. If my days were free, I’d get up in the morning and exercise. Then I’d sit down with some coffee and write. There are so many ideas floating in my mind, so many hopes waiting to become books.

I keep thinking that if I get a low maintenance job I will have time to write around it. That’s a lie I often tell myself. It  doesn’t help that I’m terrible at grammar and I can’t spell. The worst part is that I never finish what I write.

I stare out windows dreaming of what I could be, instead of actually being it. I’m filled with dread that I’m wasting my life, but if I did what I wanted would that even make me happy? Would I just be anther disillusioned starving artist who eats dreams and regurgitates cliches? In my soul I know I’m more at home with words than in any other world, but that doesn’t mean I’m good at writing. Maybe, I’m trying too hard. I should just sit and let the story go, like I do when I blog. Instead I falter and stutter with keeping the momentum of my story going. I write pieces and expect them to fit like a jigsaw finished by a four year old. I can see why Hemingway offed himself. Except, people actually enjoyed what he wrote.


Review of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Be forewarned, this is going to be a very positive review of the new Ghostbusters.


I fully expected the new Ghostbusters to disappoint me. I was ready to laugh a little bit and then cringe the whole time. I hadn’t read reviews but I had heard negative whispers whenever the movie was mentioned. I was pleasantly surprised. I walked out of the theater beaming and excited. That was the movie experience I had been missing in all other action movies. Let me explain why.

These four women leads gave me what I had been missing. Intelligence, well rounded personalities, practical fighting gear, and excellent acting. The comedy was on point and the excitement the ladies exuded over ghosts caught me up. I also absolutely loved that a love match was not the focus, it was actually about capturing ghosts. There were little nods to romance, but it was the focus like in many other female films.

This is not the same feel of old Ghostbusters, but there were nods to the old film that felt right and gave an air of respect. I don’t think they successfully recaptured the campy 80’s feel of the old film, but it was still delightful. The new film  is a classic in it’s own right.

I’ve heard many say that Chris Hemsworth was their favorite part of the film. I disagree. He was in fact my least favorite. The dumb, hunky assistant trope became a little much at times. It was a nice comic relief from time to time but in the end his scenes made me cringe.

There were a few other small things that made me cringe. There was a moment where the four women were called “girls”. That is always something that puts me over the edge. I don’t mind so much when the Ghostbusters were called ladies, but “girls” makes them seem infantile and inept.

I think the four actresses who played the leads were perfect for their roles. On the other hand I always like to see more diversity in film. Hopefully, this film opens the doors for more female led action comedies and a Ghostbusters sequel. As long as the public asks for it, Hollywood will deliver.


How did you feel about the film? Do you agree? Do you disagree?


If you’re not scared you’re not paying attention.

Apparently, America is going through it’s Britney 2007 moment. As a country we are in crisis. We have a television mogul running for president who’s sexism, racism, and downright hatred would normally be criticized to no end. Instead, he has become the republican nominee. His call to action for hate has been answered by America. He spews hate and Americans eat it up. He’s only the nominee, what if he becomes president? Frankly, my horror cannot be expressed in words.

My thoughts can be summed up in one question that leads to more:

How can someone who’s whole premise is to get rid of those who are different lead a country that was established on the freedom to be different?

My shock at how many people out there support Trump astounds me. I can’t comprehend how fear has allowed this group to decide that Trump is the leader we need. They think Trump is amazing and will lead us out of this dark age that we have found ourselves in. These are Americans who are sick of struggling and want a quick fix. They believe their government has failed them and they are right. But guess what, we made our government.  WE voted for those idiots in Washington. WE are the government. Is the solution Trump? I sure as hell hope not. If he is, Democracy has failed.

Is Hillary the answer? I have no idea. Her brand of White Feminism also scares me. She has done amazing things for women and girls, but she has also made terrible choices that caused deaths of Americans. Is Bernie the answer? He promises things that will never be in America. He also has a white savior complex. Should we get behind the Green Party this year? It might be too late to back them.

I’m not ignore in the fact that Trump isn’t the cause of the current strife. The intolerance in America has always been there, but with Trump people aren’t afraid to hide anymore. Cops are being killed, civilians murdered, and hate crimes appear left and right. Trump has caused a resurgence of hate that hasn’t been seen in a long time. The hate was always there, but I think that now people think they can act on their hate.

I will not be voting for Trump. I refuse to be apart of the building of his type of empire. Hopefully, future generations will be asking us how we stopped him, not why we didn’t.


Bookish Box June Reveal


This month is classic novels. Bookish Box is a delightful way to get a surprise fix for book nerd delights. I loved every item I received, but the monthly cost was too much for my tiny pocket.

The tshirt was soft and fit perfect. The ring was a tad tight for my ring finger. The rest was great.

I’d suggest this box for those with excess income who enjoy book themed merchandise. It’s not worth the monthly cost for me to keep it up though.

Birchbox June 2016 Review Later!

Honestly, this month was a bit of a bust for me. I loved the illuminator (not pictured), warning a little goes a long way, and the congested skin serum. The rest just didn’t fit my lifestyle.

I’ve heard the wonders of CC cream, but so far every sample I’ve tried does not impress me. I will use it but I will not buy it. I did like that it had spf in it, that’s always a plus for me. I do have to say this was the best cc cream I’ve ever tried. If you swear by it, try this product.

The facial cleanser is nice for getting off make up, but I don’t feel clean after. This is definitely for a multi step routine, or for a morning wash.

The body peel was interesting. My skin did feel smoother, but I get the same result with a luffa. I would say if you are troubled by rough, dry skin go for it, but if your routine is working don’t change it.

The congested skin serum is amazing! The smell is nice and I noticed a difference in my skin almost right away. I highly recommend to those with oily skin that breaks out easily.

I am now a fan of illuminator because of the Laura Geller sample. This was my favorite product in the box. It’s like the grown up version of roll on glitter.

Last month I loved everything in the box, and this month I got two wonderful samples. I’d say Birchbox is still worth it, and I highly recomend it to those beauty lovers out there.

Have you tried Birchbox? Do you like it? What other subscriptions should I try? Should I video myself opening the boxes?


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