Dropping cookie pieces in your milk is worse than poverty.

I have been at college for about two years now. It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself and the world. First of all, I have discovered I am a feminist. It is not a dirty word. It doesn’t mean you hate men or want to be better than them. The American Heritage Dictionary describes feminism as a, “…belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” SO my blogs will sometimes deal with feminist issues. I have a boyfriend and many friends, and most likely they will come up. Random crap from my journal will come up in here. My life in general will be an open book. Names will be private and places too, of course because I am going to talk about people and I do not want them to know.

Oh, and the title is from something I told my roommate the other day and she couldn’t contain herself at my ridiculousness.  Basically what I meant was in America we think our 1st world problems are the worst things that could happen to us. We think that having low cell phone reception is worse than being stoned to death. We don’t consider that people have lives so much worse than ours. Even in feminism most of us deal with 1st world problems instead of the root causes of them. Examples of this would be concern over sexist t-shirts instead of concern over how those t-shirts were made. We need to look at the bigger picture to fix the little snafus.


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