Love: Advice… kinda

Love is such an amazing thing. It controls the human spirit and makes us attached to another person. Some are  lucky and have forever, while others only have a little while.

I am lucky enough to have a great guy, he’s not perfect but he’s funny and keeps me smiling. I will refer to him as B. I believe that everyone should have a partner that is their best friend, that you can tell anything. He’s obsessed with cars, Chevy’s to be exact. It gets a little ridiculous at times, and I would love nothing more to race him in my little Sonata and beat him. He brags so much about his little Chevy Cruize and how fast she is. Oh, did I mention she has a name? CruizeTina, she’s named after his old truck Tina. I named the truck, but that’s besides the point. He has a tattoo of the Corvette symbol, and at times I think he loves Chevy more than me. But he never could, because I am just too amazing for words!

He calls me cute and then I disagree, then we have a sickeningly sweet fight about it. Truly our relationship is too sweet for words, but it’s built on respect and love. I am so heartbroken when I see girls who don’t have what I do. They keep going after men who don’t respect them, and just use them for sex or to fill sick games. In order to be respected you must respect yourself. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF GOD DAMN IT.  Once you start speaking you mind and going for what you want with confidence, life falls into place. Along the way love shows up, but if your life goes down hill cut the strings and leave that person. Being unhappy with someone serves no purpose.

I have had and seen terrible relationships. When you leave it you just feel so much better about it. People don’t change unless they want to, so don’t wait for something that will never happen.


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