My Strange Addiction (plus a side story)

I knit. A lot.

My mother is not  a knitter, in fact she is anti-homemade knits. When I first told her I was going to start knitting she had a stricken look on her face and said “Oh, that’s nice,” which my mother never does. Then, when my grandmother found out I was knitting, she bought my mother yarn for her birthday so I could knit my mother a scarf. A strange display of logic, I know, but that is my grandma.

After this happened I found out why my mom was anti-knits. When she was growing up her family didn’t have a lot of money, and she had two brothers and a sister. This caused a few problems including my grandmother learning how to knit.

My grandma is an artsy fartsy woman who just missed the hippie boat in the 60’s and 70’s. She’s a tad flaky and bi-polar at times but I love her. Anyway, whenever she starts a project she usually doesn’t stick with it long… except for knitting. This is usually a good thing, considering yarn itself is way cheaper than store bought hats and such, but my grandma wasn’t exactly a good knitter at the time.

Every year she would make my mom and her siblings hats, gloves, and scarves. My grandma liked to use big needles and a lot of yarn… The result would be gloves and hats that didn’t keep out the cold and scarves that were much too large for a small child. (And my mother was always tiny) My mom is five feet tall and her entire life she has looked like she is way younger than she is. So imagine a three foot tall child trying to wrap themselves in a hole filled scarf that is taller than she is… by a lot… Plus, the hats and gloves let snow through and would unravel right away. My grandma was not a knitter… she thought she was though…and by the time I came around she could knit very well, but my poor mother had to suffer for years before that happened.

My mom said that when she would try to pawn them off on other children no one wanted them, so she got stuck with these awful objects. She used to have nightmares about it, being trapped under scarves or having gloves that just wouldn’t stop unraveling.

After she told me all of this she said, “I’m sorry sweetie but I will never want a homemade scarf,” This made me a little sad but I got over it and got really good at knitting. Then everyone in my circle wanted a hat or a scarf, I haven’t graduated to gloves yet, now I have enough orders to keep me busy along with school and work. I am not the most advanced knitter but I love it, and it’s amazing to be able to make something with my own hands.

I also love crocheting. I make the cutest little creatures! There’s a huge debate in the yarn world with Knit vs Crochet and what is better. Do you dear reader have an opinion or a funny family story?


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