“Say my name, say my name,”

I bet people are confused as to why my name is feministbarbie.

I think it’s ironic and has a nice ring to it. I am a feminist, that is true, but I am not a “Barbie”. I do love Barbie and have since I was a young child. I know all of the Barbie controversy but I just can’t help myself. Besides Barbie does wonderful things for young girls. She helps with imagination and building dreams. In a very strange way I believe Barbie is a feminist.

Barbie has had over 108 jobs since she appeared over 50 years ago, that’s impressive. Her creators are always coming out with edgy designs and concepts. There was a drag queen Barbie for heaven’s sake!!! A lot of people argue that she is a bad influence…. I think you are out of your mind. She is a piece of plastic not a human being, you are the parent do your job! Teach your child that Barbie’s proportions are impossible for a real human. If your child believes that she will look like Barbie one day it’s your fault, not Barbie’s.
As a child I never even thought to look like Barbie, she was a way to express myself. It’s the way your child plays is how you raise him or her, not the toys fault. He-Man is illogically built, so are those dumb La La Loopsy dolls but do the kids care? No. Parent your child properly and they won’t have issues. Talk to them and find out what goes in their head. Banning something out of fear or because your child MIGHT want to look like Barbie is incredibly stupid. I do not blame video games, toys, or movies on a child’s behavior I blame the parent, the school, and society. Parents never talk to their children and that is why many end up the way they do.

I also want to add that the people at Barbie supported a program called the White House Project. This is an initiative to get girls and women involved in their government and communities, so obviously they aren’t against powerful women. I, for one, have the presidential Barbie.

I do admit that over the years Barbie has had issues, but I think toy products directly reflect the society producing them. So, the next time you wish to blame a piece of plastic on how a child sees themselves, maybe you should reflect on how society portrays women and  men. You may find that it is in fact society and the propaganda it spews that is influencing children, and it’s our job as a community to teach our children correctly.

Now I can admit that I may be wrong. My opinion is just an opinion, but I firmly believe it. A child can see a doll and wish to look like it but it is up to the parent to explain the hows and whys of the impossibilities. Barbie can dress like a tramp at times, but then buy a less trampy Barbie or don’t buy her at all. I just know that I support Barbie and my childhood with her, she was a great companion.

Just so you know a little bit more about me,I am a Psych major at the best school in the Midwest. I am a Women and Gender Studies minor, which in a round about way is supposed to mean I hate Barbie, but I don’t. I can’t hate something that gave me so much joy. I know I said she was just a piece of plastic, and she is, but it should be obvious from my argument that she means so much more to me.  Plus, as society gets better so will toys such as Barbie. If you really have issues complain to Barbie and suggest what they can do to change their product.

I am sorry if I offended anyone but hey, that’s life.


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