What Not To Wear, We need you!!!!

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “jeez.. I really wish I Stacy London so I could help this hapless fool!”  Now I am not saying that appearances are everything, but in a professional world you should look your best. What’s the point of looking bad if you can dress well? There are fashionable and cheap options out there, plus there are always sales somewhere. Goodwill is surprisingly well stocked at times. Find out what your body type is and dress it up! Mary Kay has style guide to find out your make up colors. If you aren’t into fashion or make up, you still don’t have an excuse to dress badly. If you are overweight you don’t have an excuse. The only excuse is poor self-esteem, because that is why you dress badly, I believe. Dressing well provides confidence and shows you care about yourself and the company you represent. You are the face of your work or school. If you want to make a good impression you always dress well!!!!!

There are three female professors at my school that do not know how to dress age appropriately or from this decade. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they are wearing goth clothes that are too young for her. (If you want to be an older goth dress correctly and institute it properly.) Mom jeans of different colors do not count as dress pants, I am sorry, my science teacher was notorious for this. Then my statistics teacher dresses like a nun who got kicked out the church and didn’t know how to immerse herself in the current style. Now I am not trying to be mean but that’s serious a shorthand of how they look!!! I think that if you want your students to be successful and treat you with respect you should dress like you respect yourself.

I really don’t care what  a person’s style is as long as they know what they are doing. How you dress is a direct correlation to how people will perceive you, so why not show your best side? Now I admit I am no fashionista. I dress in sweats when I go to class and I don’t always dress well, but I do try when it’s important and that’s what counts. I am also a 20 year old college student, my life isn’t exactly corporate yet.

If someone dresses sloppily they are less likely to get a loan, or a promotion because they are thought to be lazy. If you dress like a slut employers will think you are inappropriate or that you are easy prey for their advances. Always dress confidently and what makes your body look good. Try clothes on and have a fashion forward friend with you. Know your work’s dress codes and pay attention to who gets promotions and HOW THEY LOOK. Know your body = knowing yourself.

Or just call up What Not To Wear, it’s so much easier plus you get to be on tv.


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