Top Ten Tuesday; Frustrating Characters

Before the list I just want to ask what happened to female characters who actually stood up for themselves and didn’t need a man. So many books out there are about simpering, simple, whiny girls who get an obsessive man in the end. I am way beyond over that scene.

1. Bella Swan.  Her whole “woe is me” demeanor and the fact that she can’t decide what guy to be with irritates me to no end. In fact the whole slew of characters irritate me at some point. Everyone basically knows how irritating she is, so why go on? In fact we should pay no attention to these books and hope they forever leave our stratosphere.

2. Justice Strauss from Series of Unfortunate Events. I remember reading these books and being so frustrated with her because she never listened to the children. This actually goes for every adult that could’ve helped the trio but never did.

3. Anastasia from Fifty Shades. The first book is pretty okay, but by the end I’m hoping she would die from an island disease on their honeymoon. Jesus, she was whiny, needy, and never ate. An awful character progression. In the beginning she was nerdy, stood up for herself, and seemed to have a good life… disappointing.

4.Stephanie Plum Evanovich novels. I love these books sooooo much but, I just want her to pick a man. I personally love Diesel, but we all know she will end up with Morelli. Evanovich please end my suffering!!!

5. Lady Catherine Debourgh Pride and Prejudice. I think she’s pretty self-explanatory. She’s stubborn and instigates so much frustration. I do love to hate her though, and she is the reason Elizabeth and Darcy get together so you can’t absolutely hate her.

6. Amy Dorrit Little Dorrit. I love this book dearly and Amy. The one thing at the end that bugs me is when she doesn’t claim her inheritance because she doesn’t want to hurt Arthur. Alright, I understand some of the reason but after he got out of debtor’s prison she could’ve told him she found out she had a legacy. I know money isn’t everything but my goodness…. Take what’s yours! She was spunky through the book and kind, then suddenly bam! No spunk just kind.. and a little like a wet noodle.

7. Eragon. I just can’t finish the series… this boy has gotten seriously irritating.

8. Belly The Summer Series. Very flip floppy and Bella Swan feeling… did not like the books.

9. Gale Hunger Games. Peeta for the win! Gale felt creepy at times.

10. Anna Karenina. Tragic love story… no fricken stupid love story. I have no sympathy for characters who kill themselves off because of love or not having love or their love died… whatever…


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