Marriage an Angsty Rant

I know marriage is an important step to a lot of people… but why? When half the country is getting divorced and happy marriages are far and few.. why marriage? Is it because it shows how much you love the other person, after spending thousands of dollars? Is it the ring that costs as much as a house payment… or more? Showing your family that you can bag a spouse? Does it give you confidence to say that this person will never leave you, even though that’s not a for sure deal?

Our society places such importance on marriage. Being married is cheaper than being unmarried and together; shared expenses, cheaper taxes, better insurgence, and having children is easier… but why? Plus, people always questions like “Why are the parents of so and so not together?” or “So, when are you getting married?!” Who cares? Why put such importance on a piece of paper that doesn’t always mean you love someone.

Now, I would love to get married one day and have all the trimmings, but I recognize how ridiculous some people get about marriage and it makes me irritated. Society has shaped us into a marriage loving group (of mostly women).

Also, married men get different benefits from married women. They get payed more because they are “the breadwinners”, they are the “head of the house”, and they are treated as if they have such a hard job running their family (not all cases). While women get denied jobs because they have kids and “that’s a distraction from the work place”, the possibility of this person getting pregnant is too much for some employers, and the employer acts as if the woman isn’t as needed as her husband for money! That is a theory as to why women are payed less; they don’t need as much as a man of the house because they aren’t the breadwinner.

Don’t even get me started on how pregnant women are treated in the work place (too late). It’s like they are a bomb ready to go off at any minute and an alien is going to pop out of their stomach. Which is kind of true… but not really.

Women are punished for having children in America. France and other countries celebrate children and mothers by giving mothers paid vacations and nannies. Sure they pay high taxes but they get what they pay for. For example a couple months out of the year the whole country of France goes on a PAID vacation. They also have higher production in the workplace, but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, my point is that marriage is made out to be this glorious thing that must happen to women or they failed, having children is their TRUE job (sarcasm) but they are punished anyway for having them or not having them, and men suffer also. If a wife was paid more she would have more to put into the shared fund of husband and wife.

I just feel so irritated about this whole subject… Being in feminist classes makes me so angsty and I rant about it to my boyfriend all the time. The unfairness of it all! *dramatic sigh* 


5 thoughts on “Marriage an Angsty Rant

      1. Well I already have a boyfriend who I love very much. I did say in my post that I am ok with marriage and such. I was just stating a societal norm and picking it apart because rediculous in my opinion. The fuss made is good and bad.

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