My Mother’s Wedding Dress… The Monster Dress

My maternal grandma can be a difficult woman sometimes… a bit of a control freak.  A good example would be how she arranged my mother’s wedding. My mom was 21 when she got married and she had given birth to me at 19; so basically she had lived way more of her life at an age that she shouldn’t be worrying about this stuff.  But my mom basically got a fairy tale wedding, she had the seven bridesmaids, beautiful music, a cute flower girl… and a dress she hated.

I have said in a previous post that my mom is petite, five feet tall. She is into clean lines and modern looks. So the dress she wanted for herself was a-line, white, it had off the shoulder bow sleeves, and a long pretty train. It would’ve matched her bridesmaid dresses, which were basically the same except there weren’t long trains and the sleeves on each dress were  different pastel color of the rainbow. It was a very  90s wedding, except for the wedding gown because my grandma had other ideas for my mom…

My grandma had a rush wedding. She was young and in love… and nineteen… So she didn’t get the wedding she wanted. The dress she picked for my mom was what my grandma dreamed of; poofy, heavy, beaded to death, and did not match my mom’s wedding at all. My grandma tried to pass my aunt’s similarly beaded heavy dress onto me, “To hold onto, because it’s so pretty and you!!” No grandma, it’s you…. I didn’t say that but I declined. I maybe my my mother’s daughter but I have enough of my father to have the ability to say hell no!

Side-note, my mom has a matching obsession that she has passed onto me, somewhat. My brother and I wore complimentary colors in our school pictures so she could know what year they were from, and when hung on the wall they would look nice. So I’m sure when her wedding dress wasn’t a part of the picture she wasn’t happy.

Of course my mom didn’t fight for what she wanted (She has issues saying no) so she got the Monster Dress. I was afraid of the damn thing. I wouldn’t go near my mom on her wedding day and cried when people tried to put me next to her.

It was a beautiful wedding, people still talk about it when weddings come up. My mom had a good time but she always regrets not getting the dress she wanted. Now, whenever we watch Say Yes to the Dress or something and there are crazy moms, she promises to never behave like them or her mom. I will have the dress of my dreams. I can’t help but love her even more when she says stuff like that, my mom is an amazing selfless woman and I am so lucky to have her. She could keep the cycle of not allowing me to make decisions for myself, but she doesn’t. My dad is amazing too but more in a… humorous, jock, dude, but smart guy way.

On the wedding day my dad was supposed to wear dress shoes that matched his suit and he did until… the reception. That man changed into white gym shoes making my mom freak out. “It’s like he thought I wouldn’t notice!!!” Oh, my dad.. he probably hoped she wouldn’t notice. He also had his mom perm his hair. *face palm* Those poor wedding pictures.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my mom’s wedding escapades and how they made her a better person. She has dealt with a lot in her life, but always made sure I got the best. This is for great moms everywhere.

Love you Mama!    Image


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