Valentine’s Day Revelations

Oh, Valentine’s Day, another day for Hallmark to make a lot of money off of us, but I’m ok with that. We need days to remember to love one another and show our affection, even if our wallets are a little emptier. Some people are bitter about this holiday, some love it way too much, and the rest of us accept it but aren’t too explosive about it.

As the day went on, and since it’s such a hallowed day, I was thinking about love and how we show others love. You’d think it’d be easy to show love; common courtesy, respect, caring, trying to do the best for that person, and not taking advantage of them, just to name a few ways. Still people cannot handle this. They are so mean to their partners and their family that it makes me sick. They cling and get jealous. The amount of abusive relationships out there blows my mind. How can you stay with someone who doesn’t love you the way you deserve? How can you but someone you “love” through so much pain? The human condition baffles me at times.

I wouldn’t put up with being treated wrong ever, I would say something, do something, or just leave. This is probably because I have a very amazing boyfriend, and we have a good relationship. Sure we fight sometimes and we aren’t always as nice as we could be, but that’s life. We are never intentionally mean, we try not hurt each other, and we truly show our love as much as possible. I made a revelation about him today too, and how lucky I am. He has never objectified me or treated me poorly. He just gets this look in his eye when he looks at me that makes me want to cry, it’s so amazing and full of pure love. I can’t get over that I get to be with such a wonderful guy. This is why I cannot understand how anyone can settle for less. If one day my boyfriend changes and things go downhill, physically or verbally, I admit I wouldn’t leave immediately. Now don’t get me wrong, first I would get us counseling, then if that didn’t work I would leave. Now if I thought I was in serious danger, there is no way I’d be sticking around. Then again I do not think what we have could ever change into something abusive. We care too much for each other and what we have, plus have a deep respect and friendship.

Back to Valentine’s Day. I think we should have love and hearts every day, the world needs more caring individuals and communities. There is too much violence and too many children suffering under the hands of uncaring adults. Give someone a hug today, tomorrow, everyday; we need to start changing the world and the way to do it is with caring. I know it’s just Valentine’s Day and the holiday can be kind of silly, but this holiday is what it made me thing of  how the world is and how I want it to change.

Remember what Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” From this day forward I will try my hardest to be just that!


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