International Women’s Day! and other women type things

This day is more than about rights, it’s about remembering the women who came before us and the women who are in front of us. Let’s honor all the hardworking women and show we care! Acknowledge those women in your lives who have made you stronger!

Mine is and always will be my mom. Her strength, love, dignity, smarts, and perseverance have gotten my family and I through hell and back. She taught me how to become the woman I am today, with all my flaws and honors. Thanks Mom!

Please remember to respect all the women in your life and encourage them to be as amazing as you know they are.

For those of you with daughters encourage them in the sciences and math. Do your best to build their self-esteem. She can become whatever she wants, no matter how difficult it may seem. I have provided a few helpful links that could start your search for helping your girls!

Click here for a good list of girls toys that encourage S.T.E.M.

And here

And here

And here’s some more awesome stuff!

For those of you with older girls who are going through the dreaded puberty here is a book that I bought for my boyfriends 11 year old sister, it should lead you to other helpful books. Warning, this book is very open about male puberty as well as female and talks about sex very openly. If your child is under 11 or your household doesn’t want to talk about those specific things quite yet either censor the book or don’t buy it. My bf’s sister just skipped the parts she wasn’t ready for and she loved the rest of it. It has so much helpful information for girls her age. .

For those with graduating daughters, Our Bodies, Ourselves. I bought it (I’m twenty) and I love it, it has so much information that will be great for my whole life and to share with others.

It’s pretty easy to get information on how to help girls with STEM these days with the internet and all the research, plus camps and summer programs. is a great way to search for books and toys, they always get a lot of my paychecks. I wish you parents and families luck! There’s no way I could handle worrying about this stuff.



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