Dog Names…

So my boyfriend’s family got a new dog and he’s just the sweetest. He’s a rescue dog and we are pretty sure he’s a mix of West Highland Terrier and Jack Russell.  This dog is just an angel and my bf’s little sister is completely and utterly in love with this dog, but there’s one problem… they can’t name the poor thing.

They have had this dog for just under a week and he still doesn’t have a name. I believe my boyfriend’s mother is the problem, she won’t agree to anything that she hasn’t thought of herself. Here’s a list of the names I can remember:

Charlie, Russell, Jax, Gandolf, Barkley, Cooper, Henry, Jake, James, Bently, Luie, D-O-G and bunch of southern big dog names…

Another problem they are having is that everyone wants to name the dog themselves. My boyfriend has three siblings; one in her thirties, a brother who’s 17, and an 11 year old sister. They all want to name the dog… then there is his dorky grandfather and his super dorky uncle…. they wanted to name the poor creature Barkley… gag me with a spoon… Anyway, there are way too many cooks in the kitchen on this one.

I was raised around German Shepherds and all other sorts of dogs and mostly they had “people names”, so I’m kind of a witch when it comes to how to treat a dog and dog names. My grandmother was also very strict about dogs and what to name them so that’s probably where I got it from.

If you don’t have a good call name that dog will not come when called. Names that end in “ie” “y” are really good but aren’t completely necessary and if they sound a little bit like a bark they are really good. Oh, and they should be two syllables. For example my grandma has had a Toby, Oscar, Stevie, Gracie, Louie, Cindy, Lucy, Anna, Kenny, Vickie, and Girdie. 

Most importantly the name has to fit the dog, if you name your chiwawa Rex or Killer… oh just come off it he is so not that. One dog in my life did not have a human name, out shih tzu Wubie, funnily enough it fit him. He was a sassy, intelligent, lil stubborn dog but he was such a snuggle bug, he was our Wubie.

So anyway, back to my bf’s new dog. So, after going through all this names they finally picked one, Cooper, now there is nothing wrong with this name except in my opinion (and my boyfriend’s) Cooper is a big dog name. The lil thing they have looks more like a Henry, Charlie, Jamie, Jimmy, or something. Not some southern name. Well today his mom txted me and informed  me that she accidentally called the dog Cubby…. which is the name of their neighbor’s dog… so now that poor lil thing has no name again. All because she doesn’t want to be thinking of the neighbors every  time she calls her dog.

She  threw a fit about the dogs name when we were trying to come up with names because he can’t be named anything that reminds her of her past “mistakes”. What the hell does that mean? So she went on to say that every time she looks at her children or hears a name that’s familiar she is reminded of every bad thing she has ever done to that person… this lady has issues. So we had to find a name that wouldn’t remind her of anything… Yeah this dog isn’t getting a name anytime soon. 

I’m pretty pissed about this and I think they never should have got a dog in the first place… but that’s a whole other story….

When you name a dog it should be something they can grow old with and doesn’t sound ridiculous when you yell it. The dog should also love his name as much as you do. If he perks his ears or wags his tail, you’re on the right track…




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