God Save The Queen


I decided I wanted to get back into reading biographies. I thought I should start with Queen Elizabeth, since she has lived such a long and interesting life. I picked up Sally Bedell Smith’s book at Costco, and I judged by it’s thickness that it would give me the right information or at least a lot of it.

I am on page 244 and so far I am really enjoying it. It is readable for those who know nothing about the Queen (like me) and it’s a good summary of her life. I wasn’t looking for anything gossipy to learn about the Queen and this book succeeded. Ever since I saw the King’s Speech and realized Elizabeth was the elder daughter (stupid me of course she is) I wanted to know more about how she was raised and how she took over for her father.

The biography paints the Queen as intelligent, loving, humorous, and yet quite stiff. I do have a complaint though, the Queen almost seems too perfect. I don’t know if she really is as amazing as Smith makes her out to be or if Smith is leaving out tidbits. Sure, there are snip-its of the Queen not being “perfect” but I almost feel like Elizabeth is too good to be true.  Overall it’s a good biography but I’m sure there is so much more for me to learn about the Queen.

If you would like a comprehensive overview of the Queens life, without getting too involved, this is pretty good. I am really enjoying learning about Elizabeth and my eyes were really opened to how amazing she is. After I am done with this book I am definitely going to have to read more about the Queen and her family.


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