Feeling Burnt Out- How do you shake that mood?

As I stare out my dorm window, taking in the rain that has been falling for several HOURS, I feel my motivation leave me. I have a month left in my semester, not even, and I am already feeling done. I never used to be like this, I loved school! I would write papers with ease and not worry about procrastination, but lately I’ve just had enough.

Is it the weather? Have I taken too many credits this semester? Is work dragging me down? What is that has me feeling so…. so depressed? Is it that I only see my family and boyfriend every once in a while? Is it that I get cooped up in my dorm room studying? I just feel like doing nothing, so I do nothing. I stare into space thinking about… nothing…Then I force myself to read or do homework, talk to my roommate… anything except my current mood. I need to shake my gloom if I plan on getting anything done, and I have things to do.

A poster for Science, a final for Science, Spanish tests, a paper for Statistics, a final project for Religion and Symbol, and a project for Women’s History… but I just stare at it. Oh, I’ve worked on all of them and they will get done in time, it will just be a painful experience.

Now that I’ve gotten that all out I feel much better, I was never one for wallowing in my own misery. I’m usually a very upbeat, fiery person but lately I just don’t want to deal with crap. Thankfully, the end of the semester is just around the corner, hopefully that will help.

How do you shake your “down in the dump” moods? I read or watch weird comedies.


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