My Brother

Yesterday my baby brother turned fifteen, not so baby anymore. The problem is that he was born when I was five so I remember his birth and basically the rest of his life. It’s odd seeing him grow taller than me and become “manly”, when it feels like only yesterday I was watching him crawl around and annoy me. Though he does still annoy me, and sometimes he crawls around (the weirdo) he certainly has grown up.

I have some very good memories with my brother and some very bad memories. When he was around three or four he got a one of those ride-able dump truck things (picture below) and my dad decided it didn’t hold a charge long enough and it wasn’t POWERFUL enough…. so he attached a car battery… Usually my dad would attach a better battery than was originally given on these things, but he decided to use a pretty powerful battery this time around. The result was that after this picture was taken my brother decided to drive it down the driveway at a very fast speed, all the while laughing manically. My mom ran faster than I had ever seen her run in my life but she wasn’t going to catch him and the kid was going straight toward the road. Luckily, while he was throwing his head back in laughter, he had turned the wheel on accident and drove back onto our lawn where he got stuck. Needless to say, my dad took the battery out and my brother never reached his high speeds again, but he enjoyed trying to get away in different vehicles every chance he got.

We used to have red jeep, it was mine originally but I soon outgrew it and my brother inherited it. It was the fourth of July, so our whole family was over for fire works, and my brother decided he was going to be naughty the whole day. I can’t really blame him though, he has youngest child syndrome and needs attention. I don’t really remember what he did but he made my mom super mad. She told him he was going to have a time out and he yelled no! Then he ran to the little jeep and pressed on the gas. Unfortunately for my brother my mom merely grabbed the bar on the back of the vehicle and lifted the rear end up. He was furiously trying to get away but all he succeeded in doing was making the back tires spin off the ground. He really got in trouble that time.

When he was really little, not even two, he would steal my stuff so he could force me to play with him. If I was playing with my Barbie’s he would grab them and try to flush them! Jerk. I was coloring, oop my markers disappeared. My most prized possession was my doll Amy who I have had since I was one, was always my brother’s main target. It got to a point where I had to hide her so he wouldn’t take her and hid her himself. One time I couldn’t find her until I remembered that I had in fact hidden her on him. One time I was holding my grandma’s 8 month old German Shepherd puppy and I told him I couldn’t play because I was holding her. Well, apparently he knew how to fix that. He pushed the dog out of my arms and said, “Ok, now we can play!” He got in big trouble for that one, but the dog was fine just really confused.

All in all I have a great brother. We get in screaming matches and don’t always get along, especially lately with his stupid hormones but I love the kid. We watch the same kinds of movies, we have the same humor, he’s pretty smart, and I’m proud that he’s my bro. He’s in three sports; wrestling, football, and track so he can get our school’s coveted Golden Lion. He also usually has really good grades. He’s also pretty popular. I was never athletic and I didn’t really enjoy the conformist ideals of our school but my bro is in THE crowd in high school.

I personally think he’s too smart for those neanderthals, but maybe it’s just because I hope he is. He’s a simple kid, as in being straight forward and doesn’t really get involved in stupid crap. It’s the girls and a few of the guys he’s around that worry me, they are little brats and start stupid fights. I just hope my mom and I have taught him what girls are the right ones. I will not stand for my brother going out with an idiot. If his girlfriend isn’t smart enough or good enough for him I will tell him. I have to get along with the girl or at least like her a tiny bit or else she has to go, I do not care how pretty or charming she is. I mean, I usually like people in general but as a whole they are idiots and if she’s part of that whole she has to go. He’s the baby after all, can’t have him getting hurt or pushed around by someone other than me. 😀

I guess the point of this post is to say how much I love my lil bro and how I hope he has a bright, happy future. He can be a real dumb ass when it comes to understanding other people, but he’s a fifteen year old boy they are all stupid.

This is the death machine and my little bro.



My brother and me in the little red jeep. My dad is standing off to the side.



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