So much “discord”.

So much “discord”.

My current college experience has led me to believe the opinion in this article to be mostly true. Feminists bash other Feminists who aren’t “feminist enough”, whatever the hell that means… My feminist friends have judged other girls for their career choices and wanting to having children. In my opinion “do how you do”, or “be yourself”. I mean really, don’t let some bitchy Feminist tell you, you can’t do or be something because you aren’t being a “true Feminist”, that’s outright bullshit. Educate yourself on the world and do what you think is best with your life and stop judging other women, for Goddess sake! If you want to do something that isn’t a traditional role go ahead, or if you want to be a housewife do it! As long as you believe in equality of the sexes you are a feminist and if someone is judging you or harassing you for your choices they are a jaded piece of shit.


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