The Problems With Being a Psych Major

I am going into my 3rd year at Alverno so I need to start looking at graduate schools. The problem is I have no idea where to go or what to go for. I’m pretty sure I would like to get my Psy. D. which means I would specialize in either adult or child clinical psychology, but that also means five more years of school and money that I don’t have (with a rising interest rate in student loans). I’m determined to go but I fear committing myself to something that will cost so much and will take a longer period of time. Then do I want to go part time or full time? If I go full time it will be cheaper but I won’t be able to have a full time job, but part time costs more……

Then there is the school itself. I have no idea what school to go to because when I look online it’s so confusing. Most are online schools and if they are a state school I can’t see how much the program costs. What I would really like is someone who has been through this tell me how to do it. My adviser told me to go to the Wisconsin School of Psychology, but it costs $31,000 a year. Basically where I am at now I am going to go to WSPP full time for a PsyD, but I’m still not sure if that’s the right decision. Eventually, I want to do couple’s counseling, family counseling and maybe work in a psych ward. All I have to do is take the first step.



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