A Review Of zulilly.com

About a year ago I discovered a delightful little website http://www.zulily.com/. I fell in love! It’s a website that sells you discounted high end clothing and home items for very low prices, at least in comparison to the original price. They have a certain amount of each item to sell and once it’s gone either they restock or it’s just gone. Every couple of days the items are changed to something else, so you have to keep checking their stock to see what they have. 


The items are usually so cheap that a poor college student like me can afford them. Many of their items are classic and well made. 

They have a great selection of women’s clothing and children’s clothing.

Their bedding and home items have a great variety and tend to be very cheap.



As with every clothing website, you have to be careful about sizing. Two items I have bought I had to shrink because they were way too big.

There isn’t a lot of teen/tween clothing. The older girls clothing is still very childlike and the same goes for the boys. Also, the children’s clothing tends to be a little strange, very statement. Boys have a lower selection than the girls.

Items/Clothing for men is very sparse most of the time. 

It takes a very long time to receive an item and a long time for them to charge you for it. I believe it is because they need to sort their large shipments and then you are charged. Most likely they don’t want to charge you unless they are positive they have the item


All in all, it’s a good website for women’s clothing, even if it can be a little weird at times, and the home items are awesome. I give it four stars.


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