Prize Candle Vanilla Breeze Review

I ordered a candle from on Monday and I received it today.  They get an +A for quick delivery. Image

It came packaged in bubble wrap and there was an ice pack on the inside. The note on the inside explained why.

Just a little bit of a warning, I have seen others post pictures of candles they have received that have melted into the cap and become disgusting. If you live in a warmer area beware, that might happen to you.


When unlit the candle is sweet mix of laundry and vanilla. I lit the candle at 1:15 and until around 1:33 the candle gave off a dark smoke and burned high. Once the wick had, had a chance to burn for a while it burned clear. I docked points for the initial burning, but maybe if you trimmed the wick a little bit that wouldn’t happen. I received no instructions to do so,, but it would probably help.

The burning scent of the candle is very strong and I got a headache sitting next to it. I would suggest putting it at the edge of a room or in another room all together. If you plan on burning the candle when you first get it so you can get your prize right away, I would suggest burning it in the worst smelling room in your home. The smell lingers for a long time in each room and when you first walk in it’s such a delightful scent. If you turn on a fan and the scent moves throughout the house nicely. As long as you don’t sit right next to the candle it’s an amazing scent. I give it a 6 out of 10.  It’s not my favorite scent in the whole world, but I love the after scent the candle leaves in the room.


At 4:45 the candle was low enough for me to get the ring out, so I blew out the candle and got the ring with a tweezers. The ring was triple wrapped in tinfoil, which is good because it was sticky with wax.  Then in the the little bag the ring was in there was a piece of paper that had a code so I could find out how much my ring was worth.




Considering I paid $25 (plus shipping) for the candle and my ring was worth $25, I think it was worth it. Candles are usually 27.99 but I had a promotion code. Shipping is $5.99, so when buying a candle try and find a code on their Facebook to save money.

Their Facebook page is here.

I give my experience a 7 out of 10. If i had like the scent better it would have been a 9 out of 10. It reminded me a little bit of Avon’s Skin so Soft original scent mixed with vanilla and laundry. If you like that smell this is the candle for you. I wouldn’t buy this particular candle again,but I am willing to try the rest of the scents. The next candle I would try would be Tropical Oasis or Pomegranate Passion.

I do like that the candle burns for such a long time and the after smell is great. I feel as if the candle was a win/lose for me and I have mixed feelings about the scent. On one hand I love the ring but the burning scent of the candle makes my head hurt. When its in another room I like it and the lingering scent is perfect. It also drifts through the house pleasantly, if you have the air of a fan on it keeps the smell from being too strong in one area.The candles are also eco friendly and I like after the candle is gone the holder can be used for cute storage ideas. The scent is worth a try,but I would suggest trying their other scents first.


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