Watch, Don’t Stare

My roommate has left me for a foreign place… oh the woe. Follow her adventures!

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When you travel to any foreign country, it can be easy to misinterpret many things or to get used to certain customs. Small things such as how you act when you walk into a cafe or restaurant or store. In China, you can expect the store clerks to follow you around the store, talk to you and try to sell you their products. This kind of assertiveness is nowhere that I’ve seen in Japan. You can stroll into a store without anyone pressuring or hassling you to buy something and calmly look at the products.

You might hear an [ いらしゃいませ! ] Irashaimase! Which means, “Welcome (to our shop)!” However no one will push you to buy anything like they do in parts of China.

My advice to all travelers…sit and watch. Find a small cafe, bench or someplace to sit where you can observe crowds of people pass you. I…

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