Blogging Fails

So, last Saturday I moved back to school and it’s been the hottest week of my life! (And the busiest) I wanted to catch up on my blogging after my crazy summer, but that did not happen. Hopefully, once I get all settled and get my internet cord back from home I’ll be writing about about my visit to a “haunted church”, talk about my roommate leaving me for Japan, and other interesting items on my list. All in all I consider my lack of blogging lately a fail, but I will make up for it!


2 thoughts on “Blogging Fails

    1. I suppose it’s more of a lighthearted admittance to failing and being really bad at updating that being down on myself. Pretty much, but I have an open block tomorrow so I will definitely use it to update! Right now I’m linking to pictures on my boyfriend’s photography page because he got some amazing pictures of the places we went to this summer.

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