Pictures of My Brother’s First Football Game!

Pictures of My Brother’s First Football Game!

My high school football team has sucked since the 90s. We didn’t win very often and our players weren’t very impressive within themselves. Now that I have graduated and my brother is enduring the delights of high school, all I can say is thank god they won their first game of the season. 

My brother is very good athlete. In fact my brother is an excellent athlete, and I’m not just saying that. Whatever he puts his mind to he excels at and I’m very proud of him for it. He also has the ability to lose gracefully because for the first ten years of his life I never let him win at anything, and with me being five years older that’s not such a hard feet. Then I don’t know what happened, either he got smarter, I got more lenient, or perhaps I respected him more as a person. Whatever the reason suddenly my brother began to do very well at everything he tried at and he began beating me at games, races, or whatever it was. In sports he began to work hard and excel and by the end of middle school he was a good wrestler and a good football player, not great or excellent just good.

The best part about my brother is that even though he’d lose from time to time it wasn’t as big of a deal to him as some other kids. He had learned how to lose and that losing just means you need to work harder next time. Good thing he had me!

Anyway back to football. The team this year is far superior to the previous years of dumb jocks. Most of the kids are intelligent, hard working, and play as a real team. They respect one another and have a real love of the game. My brother is a Sophomore currently and I’d say by his Senior year the team will be amazing with the guidance of my brother and his friends. Once the current Seniors leave there’s no telling how amazing the team will get.

Enjoy the pictures and check out more on the Facebook page!


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