I Support Women in Business, but I Feel Conflicted When Buying Make up

We live in a society where beauty is everything. There are those of us who feel conflicted over using make up and buying from certain retail companies. I have come to the point in my life where I use make up like I use clothing, to express myself and show off a certain aspect of myself I like. I think that if you buy make up for the right reasons, yourself, and not for the wrong, to please others, it’s ok. If you are confident in yourself and you feel like make up is just like a pair of socks you will be ok. But, if make up is a way to hide or hinder yourself, you are doing it wrong.

What brought this on, this self reflection, was that my cousin started working for Mary Kay. If you want to buy from her click here. I felt a kick of uncertainty, I want to help my cousin and support her by buying make up, but am I wearing make up for the right reason? Am I wearing it for myself or for society? It’s hard to know. Like why do I like make up? Why do I feel like I should put it on in certain situations? Then I realized, make up is fun! I can make my face look like a piece of art, but then am I turning myself into an object? It’s a hard line. But as long as I wear make up for me it’s ok. Plus, supporting another woman in her business is a huge part of what I believe in.


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