Sometimes My Life Feels Like a Bad Drama

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Or moments where your life feels surreal? Or even thought, “Hell, this isn’t happening to me!” This is my life every time I have an interaction with my boyfriend’s mother. This woman is the most evil, spiteful, lying, crazy person I have ever met. I didn’t listen to my own mother when she said, “Watch out for her, she may like you now but one day you will displease her and she will treat you like shit.” Low and behold, about a year ago, it happened. If you would like to read about it click here. It’s a tad long and confusing but worth it. This post is just an update.

So, basically I ignored the woman and hung out with my BF’s little sister as much as possible. Whenever we could we did stuff and visited places. The problem is that the little idiot didn’t delete any of the texts so her mom recently checked her phone and found out. She was a bit miffed. Turns out she’s still not over what happened a year ago, and is deeply disturbed by my actions. MY ACTIONS! That drunk is like Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to life and my actions are disturbing. I understand that it is wrong to hang out with a kid when their parent disproves, but this kid is my boyfriend’s little sister. She needs me. Her mother neglects her and I’m the next closest thing since her older sister is far away. I can’t say no when the kid asks me to hang out, I love her like my own sister. Now that her mother knows we disobeyed her impossible restrictions, I can truly no longer see the kid until she’s eighteen. She says she will move in with us.

She is the worst mother and human being on the planet. She is just evil. She hides behind God and having “raised children for 33 years”. Just because your kids turned out mostly okay doesn’t mean it was because of you, it was in spite of you. They all have this ridiculous urge to please you even when they don’t want to. Her kids will need extensive therapy in order to get over her “love”.

I am just so frustrated. To the outside world she appears to be this wonderful person who gives her all. She has herself convinced that because she was a mom for so long she can be done now. She picks and chooses when to be a mom, I’m sorry lady you cannot do that. Once you are a mom you are one for life. Sure, you can have nice things and go places, but when your children suffer from your actions guess what? You are a shitty mom.

There’s no way to convince her she’s the one who needs to change. She’s the one who needs to realize she hurts us. I refuse to apologize to someone who acts like she’s sixteen. Maybe that makes me a little bit childish, but I’m only 21 she’s 50.

I thought that when I found the person I would spend the rest of my life with that his parents would be just as wonderful as mine. I would be able to respect them and see them as great humans who created the man I would marry. I mean, if he’s wonderful why wouldn’t his parents be also? I was delusional.  I am so disappointed and discouraged. It’s such a reality check to get served with this. I guess it was childish to expect respectful and kind in-laws. It was childish to think I could add more great people to my already wonderful family. I am so used to love from a big family that I forgot that it’s not true for everyone. I thought that because of who I am I could surge forth and nothing could hurt me. I can’t be stopped or taken down. This woman destroyed the future I had in my head and I am angry. I will get over this childish moment, but it still hurts. Is it so unreasonable to ask for good in-laws? Is it unreasonable to ask for a happy family?

The fault doesn’t completely lie with her. I could have backed down and not been so stubborn. I could have accepted her as the evil woman she is, but I don’t stand for verbal or physical abuse. No one treats me or my family badly. She is fiercely protective of herself and  her family, so we do have some things in common. Maybe one day after she gets help for her alcoholism and depression we can fix things. Until then she is not allowed near me or my family. She won’t be at my wedding. She won’t touch or see my children if I have any. She doesn’t exist to me.


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