My Crappy Day (With Little Bits of Good)

So as my readers may know, my bf’s mom no longer considers me a worthy friend to her younger daughter. Recently, she found out we were talking anyway. Well, today that situation got even more fucked in the head.

My bf’s older sister teaches a dance class and today she had an event that I was invited to and I had told her I was going to. Turns out the younger sister I was not supposed to see was there also, I did not know this fact going there. So, I show up with my friend and we see them, and we don’t think much of it-we just have fun! Later I wanted to say good bye to the older sister and tell her how awesome she did teaching the class. Either she did not hear us call her name or she ignored me. My feelings are a bit hurt if its the second one, but I can’t really blame her. It was a weird situation and a weird moment. I just would have felt bad leaving and not letting her know I came.
What’s really weird is that she and I are on very good terms and I wouldn’t have thought her ignoring me would happen. I plan on ignoring it and letting her take the next move. Maybe she never heard or saw me?
After a long car ride, in which I discussed the whole sordid tale with my friend, I found that my day wasn’t over.
I come home to a message from the little sister on a picture of me n my friend. I told my bf and he was like it’s not her it’s my mom. So not only did she creep on my stuff but she pretended to be her kid… weirdo. So I went through and deleted and blocked anything to do with the kid. (Which I should have done in the first place but I’m dumb) Then I had a long grumpy discussion about the whole thing with my bf.
I’m so angry, frustrated, and sad. My side of the problem is nothing compared to the poor kids who have the woman as their mother, but still this isn’t fun for me either. I get shut down about something stupid and then she punishes her kids for it. I’m ready for my bf to move out. He says it’s over
Some good stuff did happen today
though! I saw my grandma, I had fun with my friend, and a glow stick exploded in my car!

Click here to start from the beginning of this situation.


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