Haunted building? Maybe it’s just pigeons.

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Spells Halloween! Does anyone remember that song?!

With fall and Halloween right around the corner I’ve been catching myself craving spooky movies and pumpkin themed treats. I want to watch the Adams Family and the Munsters. I want to pick out my costume and go get candy! I want my childhood! I guess the next best thing is going to college Halloween parties and getting sick off candy and beer. I’m also ready for sweaters and boots! I want cozy blankets and overcast skies! I want black cats and witches! I want to explore abandoned houses! Which is what I did two years ago with my boyfriend and his friend.

These are the pictures my boyfriend got of the event.

We had discovered that a certain building in our area was easily accessible to those who could climb into the basement. Not only do I not recommend doing this I am telling you what we did was stupid and we could have gotten really hurt. There were hidden dangers like asbestos, nails, and glass. Exploring abandoned facilities is not safe at all. On the other hand what we did was so incredibly scary fun!

This building used to house nuns and students, it was right next to a Catholic high school (so obviously it’s haunted). There was a story about a nun giving birth in an elevator and dying, so now she haunts the halls wailing as she goes. There was supposedly a woman who lived in the tower and would push you to your death. The freaky tales go on… and they were all equally stupid.  No one who went to the high school thinks these tales are true and there are no news stories about them.  I may put no stock in these stories but what we experienced that night was spiritual and creepy.

We entered through a basement window to find that the building was in complete disarray. There was spray paint everywhere and furniture tossed about. My biggest fear upon entering was encountering a crazy homeless person who would murder us. The only other people we ran across that night were fellow illegal travelers. As we moved upwards in the building we remarked on how beautiful it was. Marble staircases, plush rugs, wonderful wood paneling…. and it was all going to be demolished.  This amazing building was destroyed and it was so sad.

The scariest part of this whole thing was something we didn’t expect. We were walking through a hallway that used to be a dormitory wing. We heard rustling in a room and above us. There were weird thunks and noises. We began to get paranoid. We began to think there was someone else in there with us…. No one was there…. it was just a bunch of stupid pigeons. They ran through the ceiling spaces and would pop out at you as you walked past. They were all half blind from living in the dark and would swoop out nearly missing you. At first we all thought a serial killer was going to murder us and then bam! A stupid bird was making all the noise…. I swear…

There were two outstanding spots in this building. The first was the theater, with its large seating area and amazing stage. I could imagine hundreds of students and nuns lining up to hear announcements or watch a play. Students leaning back in the red seats and dozing in the morning while the announcements ran too long. Then the nuns would whap them to keep them from sleeping. Truly wonderful.

The second awesome spot was the church. It was all white marble and full of satanic spray paint….so spiritual. But seriously, walking into this space was like walking into a fairly glen. You could feel the sanctity of the area. I walked in and felt at peace. I had never had that feeling before and I was almost in tears. I walked around in a dreamlike state staring at it all. The room was completely white and empty except for the alter and priest’s room. Breathing in this room was so freeing, I didn’t want to leave. When I think back on it it was more likely that my adrenaline had run out at this point and I was merely recuperating from the pigeons.

Once we had explored the whole building we went outside and took pictures. The moon was perfect for the mood and we gladly left thereafter. I cannot express how scary and wonderful this little escapade was. The pictures don’t even do it justice. This trip can no longer be replicated because the building has been torn down. It’s depressing when historical buildings get demolished. A lot of the pictures my boyfriend took didn’t turn out as well as he would have liked, but what he did keep and post was awesome. Click above and check them out! Like his page! Share it too! These pictures are some of the last anyone has ever taken of this building!


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