Writing Prompt #1

I bought a writing prompt book full of 500 prompts. I plan on posting each of my writings a couple times a week!

The day was calm and sunny with puffy clouds floating around the blue sky. I had found the time to take a drive and I ended up at a beach. As I exited the car I took in the view and felt at peace. While taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and tasted the salted sun. My life was going through an unexpected and rough transition period, and this moment was just what I needed.

The beach was empty except for a few surfers and children. The waves were lazily rolling in, tempting beach goers with a false sense of security. I took off my shoes and stepped onto the tantalizing sand, burning my feet on it’s grit. My shoulders relaxed and my head felt clear for the first time since my life changed. I had to write down what I was feeling. Maybe I should do something cheesy, I thought, like write a message in a bottle. Inspired, I raced to my car to get a scratch piece of paper and a glass bottle.

I wrote frantically of my life, hoping that it would uplift the person who found the bottle. I ended by describing the beach and how wonderful it felt to be at peace. I want everyone to know that life has it’s ups and downs, it’s about how you tackle the downs that help the ups be so high. I stuffed the bottle with my note and sealed it.  I felt elevated satisfaction as the bottle arched into the ocean.

I found a shaded spot and closed my eyes. I was relaxing against the sand when I heard someone next to me.  I looked up and a surfer was holding my coke bottle. The surfer smirked at me, “You know littering is illegal.”

I jumped up in panic and grabbed at the note. “It’s not litter, it’s an uplifting note for someone who needs it.” The surfer jumped out of my way and began to read my note.


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