Creepily Accurate…

I looked up my sign the other day for shits and giggles and was pleasantly surprised… and a little creeped out…

“Did you hurt someone’s feelings today? Probably. You’re very straight forward because there is no need to tiptoe around the truth. The truth can set you free and pussyfooting around the truth isn’t just impractical, it’s boring. Are people lying because they think that’s more polite? That’s stupid. You wish people would say how they feel so that you know them, you know what they’re about, you know what makes them tick, what pisses them off, what keeps them on their toes.  Actually, it’s you who keeps them on their toes because you don’t shy away from saying exactly what you think and prodding at them until you peel back all the layers of this obnoxious small talk, social etiquette and blah, blah, boring. You make people unmask themselves and in doing so you make them more interesting. You lift the veil of basicness to uncover the fact that most people are actually pretty cool when they’re not caught up with trying to look cool. You see the best in people, in life and everything which can make you blindly optimistic almost to the point of naivety. “Wow, this guy is so cool, he does really interesting work,” you say as he signs you up to his ponzi scheme.”


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