A Life Time Has Passed…

A life time has passed since I saw you last. I’ve moved on, not only emotionally but physically. I’m living three hours away from my friends and family. I’m gaining new loves and new friends. I’m living a new life, unlike the one I lived in the past. My personality has changed and I’m ready for a better world. When I think of you it’s almost like you’re a ghost who never existed. The place I came from never existed and I only know my current situation. I’m thankful for the life we had and I will always keep in a secret place in my heart.

I always thought I couldn’t live without you, but now I realize I hadn’t been living until you left me. I was experiencing a half life waiting for you to catch up. I will never again devote myself to someone who leaves me wanting. If someone wants me they are going to have to give it their all. I refuse to accept less than what I’m worth every again.

So, sleep with that new girl because I’m sleeping with that new guy. Go out with your friends, I’m going out with mine. Forget me, because I’m slowly forgetting you. Live a new life, because I’ve found mine.


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