Someone’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist…

Whenever horrible events happen in the world, there is moral outrage and efforts to rectify the wrong. People come together to donate blood, open their homes to others, raise money, and so on. Humans also look to blame someone for the event. Be it a group or a person, we wish to have someone punished for the wrong committed against our fellow man.By desiring to carry out what we think is the natural process of justice we usually go after the wrong groups in order to satisfy our anger.

When a natural disaster happens we blame Mother Nature and Global Warming. From there the debates on whether or not Global Warming is real or not tends to overshadow the actual event. Then we blame the deniers and those who produce too much carbon. In the effort to find blame we forget that the problem isn’t over. Nothing happens to help the situation and those suffering continue to suffer.

When mankind is responsible for death and destruction anyone similar to those guilty are also punished even if there is no connection. Refugees are denied safety, Muslims are attacked and called terrorists, people of color are called thugs and shot, and in the end human kind loses even more. We debate the moral rights of owning guns, religious rights, and freedom in general. Should we limit freedoms of a people in the name of safety? Should we take guns away, or add more guns? Should we deny entrance into our country? Should we close our borders? Should we help other countries in need? Should we bomb someone? At the the end of the day there are so many what ifs and questions… No one is willing to admit that we don’t know what we are doing.

WE don’t know how to protect ourselves or others. We can’t predict the future, so we don’t know the best way to proceed in any situation. The only thing we can do is guess and hope we don’t regret our decision. People always say that if they were in charge there wouldn’t be anymore problems. I always cringe at the people who assume leadership is easy and natural, their naive natures worry me.

The world isn’t black and white, there are grey areas everywhere. We can’t point fingers and say so and so is bad or good. If we want to think of ourselves as higher evolved than monkeys, we need to start using our higher processes and not our initial instincts. We need to let go of our petty bitterness. We need to start helping each other, but how the hell can we do that? How can we help change the world when everyone has a different picture of what it should be?

Individuals always assume their view of the world is how it should be. In the process of trying to make the world they want, they end up destroying someone’s way of life. It’s always so easy to say that you are doing something for the betterment of the world, it’s much harder to admit you are just doing actions for yourself. Desiring to get rid of a group of people for the benefit of the world is a dangerous mindset, no matter if that group is good or evil. Fighting fire with fire just makes the whole world burn to the ground.




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