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Birchbox Review April 2017

This month’s box was slightly disappointing for me. I’m so used to quality items from my boxes that I was really let down by what I tried.
Number 4 Texturizing Spray: ⭐️

The spray left my hair strainer than it started as and heavy. It promised beach waves and I received none. It smells nice and left my hair shiny and sleek, so if I want my hair to look nice and straight I will use it. 

Schmidt’s Naturals: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The deodorant was lavender and smelled great. It lasted all day and worked way better than Toms deodorant in that sense. I had a problem with the texture, goopiness, and the residue left behind. Also, I’m not sure if my skin was irritated by the lavender or not.  I had some irritation after using the product.

The Beauty Crop, lipstick: ⭐️⭐️

Great color, great staying power… terrible application. It went on with no control and didn’t blend well on my lips. I’m not sure if it was user error or the formula but I’ve not had a problem with my other liquid lipstick. 

ToykyoMilk Dark: ⭐️

Personally was disgusted by the scent. It first gave off a babypowder smell and then a woodsy smell (which I didn’t mind) but in general did not mix with my personal scent taste.

Visanti: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Smells great, absorbs well… takes a lot to feel moisturized and no noticeable difference in skin texture. I liked it but would never buy it. 


Birtchbox May 2016

I received my first $10 Birtchbox this month, and I was very impressed.

My favorite item I received was a sample of Vera Wang’s Appleberry Champagne perfume. The sent is very strong and pleasant. In fact, I spilt some on my bed and it made my room smell for two days. The large size is around $50 and the small is around $30. I would definitely buy it full price. It reminds me of autumn days at a apple orchard.

I also loved the Cargo blush/bronzer. It gave my face a healthy glow and didn’t feel cakey. The color would be good for most skin tones, except possibly the lightest.

The Coola sunscreen smelled amazing! Once it absorbed into my skin it wasn’t greasy. It’s perfect for the on the go person who wants quick absorption.

The Berts Bees lip tint was the only product I had previously owned. It was slightly pinker than my lips, which is a look I normally rock. I would suggest it for pale to tan skin tones, but it might get lost on a darker tone.

The final product was the Beauty Protector for hair. I’m not big on hair products and usually dry and go. If anything I’ll put mousse in my hair and straighten it. So this product was not meant for me and my hair knew it. I sprayed it through my hair and brushed it out. The smell was great, as with all the products, but my hair became greasy and icky feeling. I used it as a detangler for my friends 4 year old and it was amazing. So, it’s a bit or miss product for me.

Birtchbox is a great way to sample Beaty products without the commitment. I highly suggest it for those of you who like to try new and exciting things.


Night blogging: body

I can’t remember the last time I felt at ease in my body. Possibly it’s before I can even remember, or that the feeling of disconnection is so strong that it erases the love I once felt. I look at this shell and I can’t see myself. My insides don’t match the form I now stride around in.

Sometimes I forget what I look like and then I am shocked into reality when I catch a glimpse of myself. My inner self feels beautiful, strong, sexy, and intelligent. My outer self is… A smudged version of what I feel.

This disconnection between who I feel I am and what I look like confuses me. Am I so twisted by societal influence that I can’t find my body amazing? Am I missing something? I am told over and over that I am adequate. I have good features and a nice frame. I merely shrug when complimented, because I honestly feel no attachment to the looks. I do not look in the mirror and smile at my myself.

Shouldnt I greet my own face as if it’s a long lost friend? Shouldn’t I give myself the same treatment as someone I love?

Help Me Out!

Hello my worldly companions,

It would be really amazing of you if you could click here and like my talented boyfriend’s photography page.  He has nature scenes, music festivals, cars, dogs, parades, season changes, and an obvious eye for color. I would be eternally grateful if everyone would like and share his page. Let’s get his like up in the hundreds!

Also! If you could send him good vibes and comment on his pics I’d love it!

Thank you!

Global Union Milwaukee, Wi

Alverno Presents Global Union

My boyfriend got wonderful photos of Global Union this year!! Go check out the link above and like his page. This was my first time going to Global Union and it was amazing!!! We got to watch some real talent.

La Yegros was a sexy and fun sounding band. Their female vocal was delightful and funny, she also had amazing fashion sense. They were a mix of electric instruments and old Latin flavor.

Wu Force is an “Avant-garde Appalachian-Chinese folk trio”. I would have to say that they were my favorite part of Global Union. I loved their mix of almost Celtic sounding vibes with the Chinese harp.

Kobo Town is Alternative Calypso. They caused everyone to get up and dance! It was amazing to see so many different kinds of people dancing together. Things really got swinging when Calypso Rose joined Kobo Town. She was so cute and funny. She made jokes with the crowd and had an amazing ability to get everyone pumped up.

The last group was Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. They were also amazing! Their drums and vocals really stood out. At the end of their set they asked for everyone to donate to stop the spread of Ebola in their home country.

The best part of Global Union was just the feeling of freedom. People brought their kids and dogs. The food was amazing, and so were the handcrafted items. It was an experience that I will never forget!




There’s an area near my home called Breakneck. It’s a public park that has amazing rock formations that were either made by glaciers or old rivers that have now dried up. (I can’t exactly remember which story is true.) As you can see in the pictures it’s an absolutely breathtaking sight, and also dizzying. There are many secret caves and sudden drop offs, so if you ever visit be careful. Many of the rocks have split from their original placement and trees have grown through them because of it. I would suggest going with a group and during high summer or the begging of fall. 

Parking can be a bit of an issue but we were able to park on the side of the road without a problem. The mosquito were terrible so bring some spray. They were probably so bad because we disturbed them when we climbed down into certain areas and they then followed us around. It is quite a vigorous hike but well worth it for the sight.


Duck Faces *Bang Bang*

I am getting increasingly tired of the duck face… it has worn out it’s welcome. For those of you who do not know what it is, I’ll explain. Girls, and some boys, will take pictures of themselves making a kissy face and end up looking like Donald Duck. Now why on earth would a girl want to make herself look ridiculous?! I have a few theories. First, they think they look cute and silly, friendly even. Instead they look stupid and frankly unattractive. Whatever happened to simply smiling sweetly?! Thank god the myspace pose is losing favor… finally.

My second theory goes back to how women tend to be treated. Girls who are doing these poses are usually young and pretty. While growing up they are told they are “cute”, “pretty”, “small”, or some other cutesy and wonderful compliment. Now these are perfectly fine as long as a girl is called smart, intelligent, or witty along the way also; unfortunate these aren’t common “girly” complements. Being called beautiful is always wonderful, but we need to teach our girls intelligence and making smart choices are equally as important.

Anyway, back to how this contributes to the dreaded duck face. These “cute” girls get it in their heads that by being silly in their photos they will get positive attention. That is usually the case, but there is also negative attention. A girl who always receives attention for being pretty and not for her intelligence will think she’s not very smart, but then she discovers her outer looks will only carry her so far. So, then she craves any attention possible and by posting hundreds, upon hundreds of photos to Facebook or twitter or whatever, she gets what she wants. People grow bored with others who have nothing to say, so girls who don’t know what to say resort to attention grabbing behavior; short skirts, swearing, sex at a young age, being reckless, underage drinking, dating bad boys, and taking inappropriate pictures.

Okay, maybe the duck face isn’t as bad as what I listed but my theory says the girls who make this face want attention. The duck face is a road to destruction…. alright I am exaggerating but I think that when girls take pictures posed as a sexual nature; kissy face (duck face), wanting eyes, open mouths, cleavage pics, and so on, there is something wrong. They are copying the world they see around them and that’s not good. They think they can’t use their intelligence to be noticed, they are using their bodies. They have self-objectified themselves and are now allowing others to objectify them.

Taking pictures of yourself is not bad. Take a look at my picture, it was taken on accident and I liked how it looked. I also wanted a picture that didn’t show my whole face, because I don’t want anyone to know who I am on here. I am not showing cleavage, no kissys, or other inappropriate type things. I have a kind of Mona Lisa smile, I’d like to think. Now if anyone thinks this is sexual, I deeply apologize.

The point I want to make with this post is that I do not like how girls are portraying themselves. Whatever happened to simply smiling? A candid friend photo? I think the pictures girls post to Facebook send a message and a lot of girls don’t understand the message they are sending. If you see a concerning picture of a girl you know, please talk to them and ask them why they like that photo. What made them post it? Don’t they think they are prettier when they smile? A natural look instead of a sexy look is so much better, in my opinion.

“A smile is beauty shining through,” feministbarbie