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Help Raise Money!

Click here to help raise money for cancer care. We are doin a walk to help those we know with cancer. 


And Then You Lose Your Breath

It’s a blow to your heart when someone young is diagnosed. The childhood killer has hit an innocent family, and everyone feels the slam. The word for it seems too distressing. Saying it requires all your breath, but it must be known. Leukemia. She has it. She has cancer. She’s going to lose her hair. She’s going to lose weight. She’s going to get sick. She’s going to lose her tan. She’s going to be exhausted. She might not beat it, but she has to. The whole town is praying and hoping. They send love, cards, bears, flowers, but they can’t send the cancer away. It’s in the Cosmos’s hands… Pray for Renae.

The other day I found out my friend’s sister has leukemia. She has a really great chance of beating it and things are going well. The support from our community has been truly amazing, which really isn’t surprising. This family is the kindest, most loving, and fun group of people you could ever meet. No one has a bad word to say about any of them. Renae was a wrestling cheerleader, good at school, and everyone loves her. Her friends dearly miss her and her family is being strong but I know they are sick with worry.

I’m not much into praying but I prayed for her. So I’m asking all who are reading this, if you can relate or just feel sorrow for this family, please send a prayer to whoever you send your thoughts to.

If you wish to do more one of her best friends is raising money for the family, just click here: PrayforRenae 

If you want to follow her journey, someone is chronicling her journey for her: PrayforRenaeMetke

I plan on getting a bunch of friends together to send her Valentine’s Day cards and get well cards. Maybe I’ll make her a hat. This girl deserves to live a full life and go to college. I believe she can do it!z_leukemia_for_every_lq9j