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When plans go awry…

I was so excited to graduate. I could start planning for gradschool, getting my career going, and living with the love of my life. Unfortunately… or fortunately one of those plans went awry. My boyfriend of nearly five year broke up with me. He was the first person that I had love with my whole heart and was willing to do anything for. Apparently, he no longer loved me. Who knows when that happened or what caused it, but it was too late to fix it. I begged, I sobbed, I wrote him a letter, I called him, I texted him… Then I accepted it.

The worst part about the break up wasn’t the fact that I had to move on. It was the memories of everything we shared. Every day I am haunted by things we’ve done and things he had told me. I could be making dinner and be assaulted by the time we fucked up making shrimp scampi… we mixed up the flour with sugar. When I drive I hear his voice in the back of my head telling me to not drive so close to the person in front of me. I’ll watch shows we used to obsess over and imagine him holding my hand.

Every day it gets easier and I forget him a little bit more. I meet other men and realize there are good guys out there who find me adorable and sexy. As I heal I realize that my ex wasn’t ready for the next step in our lives. Adulthood is a scary thing and if you aren’t ready you will resist. I want to  be with someone who is driven, who makes me laugh, and who is ready for anything. I need positive people in my life, and he was so negative that it was painful at times.  He was battling depression and I tried to help the best I could. He no longer wanted my help or my support, and I accept that. I hope that one day he will find peace and happiness away from his depression and negativity. I want him to be happy and healthy with someone who can be better to him than I ever could be.

As for me, I moved far away from my home town and I have a great job. I plan on going to grad school next year. I’ve also started preparing myself to date again. I’m planning on slowly meeting guys and figuring out what I really want in a relationship. I’ve grown a lot from losing him. This was the most painful and heartbreaking experience of my life. I thought we were going to grow old together. One of the most surreal parts of this whole thing is realizing that I am far happier than I’ve been in a year. I still miss him and love him, but that doesn’t mean I need to be with him. I just need to do what’s best for me and not worry about him. I’ve learned that you should always choose your own happiness.

It gets much easier when you accept that life doesn’t turn out as you plan. I’ve become more flexible and I laugh easier. I enjoy life more and I try to be with the people I love as much as possible. Every moment is precious and we have to live to the fullest or we will miss it. Sometimes terrible things happen and wonderful things come from these happenings.

Global Union Milwaukee, Wi

Alverno Presents Global Union

My boyfriend got wonderful photos of Global Union this year!! Go check out the link above and like his page. This was my first time going to Global Union and it was amazing!!! We got to watch some real talent.

La Yegros was a sexy and fun sounding band. Their female vocal was delightful and funny, she also had amazing fashion sense. They were a mix of electric instruments and old Latin flavor.

Wu Force is an “Avant-garde Appalachian-Chinese folk trio”. I would have to say that they were my favorite part of Global Union. I loved their mix of almost Celtic sounding vibes with the Chinese harp.

Kobo Town is Alternative Calypso. They caused everyone to get up and dance! It was amazing to see so many different kinds of people dancing together. Things really got swinging when Calypso Rose joined Kobo Town. She was so cute and funny. She made jokes with the crowd and had an amazing ability to get everyone pumped up.

The last group was Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. They were also amazing! Their drums and vocals really stood out. At the end of their set they asked for everyone to donate to stop the spread of Ebola in their home country.

The best part of Global Union was just the feeling of freedom. People brought their kids and dogs. The food was amazing, and so were the handcrafted items. It was an experience that I will never forget!


I’m Ready to Go Backkkkk

I’m starting to feel that itch to go back to school already. I miss Alverno! Mostly, I miss having a regular schedule I can rely on. My summers are pretty unscheduled and this year I have an internship. I can basically come and go from my internship as I please as long as I get my 120 hours done for the summer. Currently, we are working on fundraising and trying to get flower donations for our patients.

I also miss my classes and always being busy. I’m so bored!!! I have things I can do but my summer laziness has gotten the best of me and I mostly vegitate on the couch. I really need to get my butt in gear so I can be ready for my last year. This coming May I’m going to graduate and then go to grad school so I’ll be busy for the next two years with that. Being a psych student involves so much school!

I have really loved Alverno and I would tell any girl to go there. The amount of learning and growth you gain would just amaze you!

Volunteer Opportunities in Wisconsin!

Are you looking for a way to volunteer and do you live in Wisconsin? I may have the community for you.

Hospice Advantage is a service used in nursing homes and in home care. They have nurses, social workers, and they also have/need volunteers.

Have you ever wanted to give back in a way that wasn’t too time consuming? They have the options for you.

Do you want to sit and be a companion for some elderly folk? Well, they have the options for you!

Here’s the deal, if you are 18 or older you can be a;

*Friendly Visitor Volunteer- “Bring the gift of friendship to our patients and their families. Regular visits to offer support, companionship and assistance with non-medical tasks.”

*Compassion Care Team Member- “Dedicated volunteers providing vigil support to patients with limited or no family support during the last hours of life.”

*Veterans for Veterans-  “These volunteers, who are veterans, provide support and recognition of one’s military service to patients with similar backgrounds.”

*Musicians- “Do you sing or play a musical instrument? Music is soothing to the soul. Share your talents to bring the gift of well-being and relaxation to those who need it the most.”

*Pet Therapy- “Offering non-judgmental, unconditioned love and affections, animals impart a calming and positive effect on individuals in ways that humans cannot.” (Must have pet therapy licence)

*Community Relations- “Bingo Caller or helper in a senior living facility. We would like to help you find a facility near your home or work.”

If you are not 18 yet but are over 16 or you wish to be an indirect volunteer they have opportunities for you also!

*Office Support-“Assist with organizational and clerical tasks.”

*Card Making-“Our patients enjoy receiving homemade cards for their birthday.”

*Cake Baker/Delivery-“Spread goodwill by helping patients and families celebrate dates in their life-birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.”

*Petals of Joy-“Pick up flowers from local flourists and deliver them to our patients and facilities.” They also welcome donations from funeral homes with leftover flowers.

*Advertising Assistant- “Keeping up with flyers and brochures at various businesses, facilities,and public places in your area.”

*Scrapbook/Picture Collage- “If you have the crafty and creative touch, we are in need of someone who would be willing to make a few picture colleges for some of our patients.”

*Shawl Makers-“If you are handy at knitting or crocheting, this is a great opportunity! All of our patients receive a prayer shawl.” They also accept blankets and other fun knit items

*Yarn Donations-“If you have new yarn from a project you just can’t get to…donate it to Hospice Advantage!”

They are looking for volunteers in Wisconsin in these surrounding areas; Omro, Fond du lac, Hartford, Germantown, Neenah, Oshkosh, Ripon, Sheboygan, and more towns in those ares.

They accept donations from the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Boys and Girls Club.

If you want to volunteer or have questions you can contact Melissa Puksich at the Sheboygan office. (920)452-1851 or by her email mpuksich@hospiceadvantage.com.

They also have a non-profit called Hospice Angels, if you would like to donate or be a part of.

Any questions you can ask me or contact Melissa.


Blogging Fails

So, last Saturday I moved back to school and it’s been the hottest week of my life! (And the busiest) I wanted to catch up on my blogging after my crazy summer, but that did not happen. Hopefully, once I get all settled and get my internet cord back from home I’ll be writing about about my visit to a “haunted church”, talk about my roommate leaving me for Japan, and other interesting items on my list. All in all I consider my lack of blogging lately a fail, but I will make up for it!

Being a cashier… complaints and advice to all…

At the beginning of the summer I began working at a retail store, that shall remain nameless, and it is a pretty okay job. It’s mindless work that requires standing for five hours and talking to people. The hours are good, the pay is shit, and the people I work with are the nicest you will  ever meet.

There are several problems with my job, not huge ones mind you, just big enough to make me bitch to my mom every time I come home. Don’t get me wrong, I am super thankful that I have a job and it’s not too daunting of a job, but my complaints are understandable.

First of all, by the registers it gets to be about 80 degrees (or so it feels) and humid. It makes me sweat, it makes me thirsty, it makes me tired, and it makes customers bitch. Several times a day I have elderly women come up to me and say, my dear it is just too hot in for me to shop. My reply is, I’m sorry ma’am. Maybe you should talk to the service desk. Of course nothing gets done, no air is put on, no fans get turned on. We are just left to sit in our sweat.

I also get heat stroke very easily, so I am constantly running to the bubbler/water fountain to get a drink. We aren’t allowed to have bottled water or anything at our stations, which is understandable because we might spill on something, but it would be nice to not be so dry. The back of the store is much nicer and the air circulation is better. We do get little fans up front at our stations but that only does so much.

This summer I have broken out worse than I ever have in my entire life. I am twenty years old, I should not be walking around looking like a piece of pizza. I blame my job. The humidity and heat is causing my skin to clog up and break out. It’s not just my face, it’s everywhere my damn polo uniform touches; my back, my chest, even my arms!!!! It’s absolutely ridiculous. I know it’s from working there because I was almost completely clear when I started and then as the summer went on it got worse and worse. It only let up when I would take off of work.

My only other complaint is the customers. Seriously people, when you go to buy an item you think to be on sale, check the date on the sign. It is not my fault you failed to read the ending dates on our sales. I will have to give you the sale price, but it makes my life and my managers life easier when you pay attention to what you are buying. Also, check to see if there are limits on how many of certain items you can buy. When we send out our biweekly sale catalog make sure you are reading the dates and the rules of each sale. Remember, it is not my fault you came on the wrong sale day, you will not get an item for the sale price this way. That said, we also send out $5 off of $40, $10 off of $50, and $15 off of $75 coupons, make sure you read the dates on those also. Birthday and anniversary coupons are for the whole month but those little coupons are not. It is also 40, 50, and 75 dollars before tax and phone cards and gift cards do not count. Do not dare to bitch at me that your loyalty card does nothing for you either. If you signed up for it that means you read it, WHICH MEANS, you know what it does and what we send you. I don’t care that you aren’t getting items in the mail that is not my fault.

It is never okay to touch a cashier or invade their personal bubble, unless you are giving us money or an item. I do not want to be flirted with, I do not think you are cute, I do not want you to touch me, I do not want you to touch my glasses if they are sliding down my nose, and I do not want you to lean into my space. What I want is to check out your items (not you) and to get you out of the store so I can go home. You most likely are creeping me out and I do not appreciate it. You have no idea who I am or what I am like so do not assume you can flirt with me while I am working. I don’t care how charming, cute, or harmless and old you are. At any age, race, gender, attractiveness, or intelligence I will not appreciate you invading my bubble or my comfort. I am not afraid to call security and have you escorted out for harassment, because that’s what you are doing. How would you feel if I came to your work and embarrassed you in front of your colleges and friends? Just don’t do it.

If you are reading this and are aspiring to become a cashier or are stuck with it as a summer job, here are some tips.

Find the most comfortable shoes you can afford. Athletic shoes with great support are best.  I have a pair of Avia’s, they are relatively cheap and have lasted me all summer.

If you need to buy your own uniform shirt, get at least three if you are working a lot and two if you are not. This way you can switch them out enough to not worry about being gross. I always shower before and after I work, believe me you are going to want to. Also, buy your work pants from a second hand store, you can get kakis for like $3.99 at Goodwill.

Use hand sanitizer to avoid sickness. Drink as much water as possible and put a water bottle in with your lunch. Keep pain medication around, you never know when you will get a headache or when your muscles will be soar.

No matter how grumpy a customer is try to be genuine and friendly. They are upset for a reason and it may seem small to you, but maybe it just ruined their whole day. That said, customer you have no excuse to be an ass to the cashier, it’s a frustrating job don’t make it worse. Never flirt or get too friendly with a customer, be polite and get them out quickly because that is your job. Don’t talk on and on, be polite and move on to the next customer. Your day will go quickly if you move quickly.

Try to get along with your boss as much as possible. Mine is so stressed out all the time and such a worry wort. She’s a very nice woman, but sometimes I just want to hide from her. She likes to breathe down your neck and bother you constantly, but that is her job as a manager.

As long as you make friends, be positive while working, (you can bitch as much as you want after), and do a good job you can live through being a cashier. Some people love it and others hate it. I try to be as nice as possible and be positive to every customer and I can’t always have a good day but the good outweighs the bad. No matter what it may have appeared in the post…. though I do wish I got paid more for the shit I put up with.

So much “discord”.

So much “discord”.

My current college experience has led me to believe the opinion in this article to be mostly true. Feminists bash other Feminists who aren’t “feminist enough”, whatever the hell that means… My feminist friends have judged other girls for their career choices and wanting to having children. In my opinion “do how you do”, or “be yourself”. I mean really, don’t let some bitchy Feminist tell you, you can’t do or be something because you aren’t being a “true Feminist”, that’s outright bullshit. Educate yourself on the world and do what you think is best with your life and stop judging other women, for Goddess sake! If you want to do something that isn’t a traditional role go ahead, or if you want to be a housewife do it! As long as you believe in equality of the sexes you are a feminist and if someone is judging you or harassing you for your choices they are a jaded piece of shit.