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GOFUND ME – Flood Damage

Please help my friend Rose pay for the damage flooding did to her basement. She’s pregnant and could really use all the help she can get.



Save the Milwaukee Domes!!!

For those of you who have been to Milwaukee, Wi, you may have visited The Domes. Unfortunately for those of you who have never been, you may never get the chance! The foundation is crumbling and it is really expensive to fix.

If you would like to donate to save the Domes, there’s a go fund me here.

The Gender Book

I was just scrolling through Facebook the other day and I came across an event my friend had joined. It’s for the launch of The Gender Book. It’s a fascinating book that encompasses all the different sides of gender. The creators worked for years doing surveys and interviewing people around the world. I ordered my book from Indiegogo (which is like kickstarter) and they need to raise $10,000 by the end of December. (They have already reached half of their needed amount) If they reach their goal they will send the books out in March. Check it out! Support Them!!